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Cystogastrostomy Overview

    Cystogastrostomy is a surgical procedure creates an opening between the pancreatic pseudocyst and the stomach, when the cyst is in a suitable position then it will be drained into the stomach. Consult gastroenterologist to get second opinion.


    Pancreatic pseudocysts are the collection of chronic pancreatic fluids that encased by a wall of nonepithelialized granulation tissue and fibrosis. It can be caused by leakage of the pancreatic duct, or as a result of inflammatory pancreatitis. Symptoms of this includes the abdominal bloating, difficult in eating, digesting food and constant pain or deep ache in the abdomen. To diagnose this pancreatic pseudocyst with an abdominal CT scan, MRI or ultrasound can be used. Emergency surgery may be need to perform if there is a rupture of the pseudocyst. The symptoms of this has disease has bleeding, shock, fainting, fever and chills, rapid heartbeat, or severe abdominal pain.

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    Types Of Cystogastrostomy:

    Surgical Cystogastrostomy:

    Surgical cystogastrostomy can be repair to carry out it through an incision in the abdomen. After locating the pseudocyst, it is attached to the wall of the stomach and the cystogastrostomy is created. This is the most expensive of the three methods.Although it has a high success rate, it is infrequently used because of the extensive recovery period.

    Endoscopic Cystogastrostomy:

    A relatively new and less-invasive method will involve in endoscopic ultrasound(EUS) guidance and fluoroscopy. A needle is used to access for the identification pseudocyst, by creating a fistula in between the cystic cavity either the stomach or the duodenum. Plastic stents are inserted to facilitate the drainage from pseudocyst. The success rate of endoscopic treatment of pseudocysts may be greater than 70%.

    Laparoscopic Cystogastrostomy:

    In this, if the pseudocyst cavity is located, then it is entered and aspirated and an opening is created into the stomach for the drainage. Laparoscopic drainage get results in better cosmetic appearance and then it decreases the pain after the surgery..


    Cystogastrostomy can lead to pancreatic abscess and pancreatic duct leak. Stents gets blocked, when it leads to infection of the pseudocyst. Other complications that includes normally associated with the surgery and anesthesi including bleeding.