Comprehensive Heart Checkup

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Medicover Comprehensive Heart Checkup is a heart related package that diagnoses any heart related issues. Package includes 2D Echo with color doppler, CBP (Complete Blood Picture), CUE(Complete Urine Examination),ECG , TMT (Treadmill Test), X-ray Chest PA View (without film).

Available at HITEC City, Secretariat locations




  1. 2D Echo with color doppler
  2. CBP (Complete Blood Picture)
  3. Serum Creatinine
  4. CUE (Complete Urine Examination)
  5. ECG
  6. FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar)
  7. Lipid Profile
  8. PLBS (Post Lunch Blood Sugar)
  9. TMT (Treadmill Test)
  10. X-ray Chest PA View – without film


  1. Cardiologist consultation
  2. Dietitian consultation


  • Maintain a minimum 12-hour fasting period before undergoing any checkup.
  • Avoid having tea/coffee before the tests. You may sip some water.
  • Do not apply cream, oil, powder, etc. on your chest on the day of the checkup.
  • Inform the team of your medical history, pregnancy / suspected pregnancy ( if any), prior to the health checkup.
  • Please carry all your past medical records, if any.
  • * Terms and conditions apply.
  • * Note: X-ray films will not be provided under this package.


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