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Complex Neuro Surgery Successfully Operated For 4-Months-Old Infant

    A 4-Month-Old Infant Successfully Operated At Medicover Hospitals

    Hyderabad, 7th October 2015: Medicover Hospitals, using all its clinical expertise and surgical excellence, has successfully operated on a 4-month-old infant for a rare backbone and spinal cord condition, Myelomeningocele. A highly critical condition that occurs once in 4000 births, it is a developmental defect of the backbone and spinal cord. It affects in two ways, one an open variety and the other, a closed variety.

    Open variety is a condition where the spinal cord and nerves are exposed outside and occurs due to a folic acid deficiency in the pre and early pregnancy period (i.e., when the mother is not even aware that she is pregnant), which is vital for brain and spinal cord development. This condition is usually detected by ultrasound during pregnancy at a later date. The child patient usually suffers from swelling in the back, water leakage and extreme case of paralysis of limbs with bowel bladder incompetence. Treatment is usually more of the preventive type, with folic acid prescribed right from the time of planning of pregnancy. In severely affected cases and those detected early, abortion is advised and in delayed cases, early repair is advisable.

    Medicover Hospitals was presented with this rare condition, that too with the patient being a 4-month-old infant – Severe open variety busted Myelomeningocoele with paralysis of both lower limbs and severe infection. This apart, the child was also suffering from a condition called, Aqueductal Stenosis, where excessive water gets accumulated in the brain (Hydrocephalus). It was imperative that the child had to be operated immediately for these two extreme conditions. Medicover highly experienced multi-disciplinary team instantly swung into action and started the treatment with injectable antibiotics for the control of infection followed by surgery.

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    This critical surgery was performed using the advanced Neuro Microscope and Monitoring System to repair the spinal cord and nerves. Simultaneously, the fluid in the brain was diverted to the abdominal cavity using the advanced programmable shunt system. The surgery was successful and the child improved vastly in sensorium and her paralyzed lower leg movement (motor ability) was also restored.

    Over the years, Medicover Hospitals has developed unparalleled expertise for treating specialized conditions, no matter the age. The above case is a prime example of Medicover relentless pursuit for excellence right from the preliminary diagnostic stage to the final surgery and post-op care.

    Medicover Hospitals, Madhapur is a 200,000 sft., 200-bed hospital offering the best of doctors, consultants, and infrastructure in a caring and accessible environment. The hospital has the distinction of bringing together renowned names in all the areas of medicine under a single umbrella so that patients don’t have to travel from one hospital to another chasing specialist doctors in various medical disciplines. The hospital boasts of the largest team of all-star super-specialist doctors from all faculties of medicine under one roof supported by high-end technology and infrastructure, 24 hour availability of Cardiologist, Orthopaedician, Gynaecologist, Intensivist, Anaesthetist, Lap Surgeon, Neuro Surgeon, emergency team, etc., and unparalleled expertise in minimal access and daycare surgeries.

    Medicover Hospital’s infrastructural highlights include 7 Operation Theatres, 1.5 Tesla MRI, EPIC 4D Echo Machine, 128 Slice CT Scanner, Philips Patient Monitoring Systems, CRRT, Video EEG, ENNG, Neuro Microscope with Furmonoscope, Navigation System for Ortho Surgeries, Laminar Air Flow for all OT’S with HEPA Filters, Capsule Endoscope, Video-Assisted Endoscopy & Colonoscopy, Hi-end Endo Sono-Olympus, ERCP, 7 Bed Dialysis including Sled Dialysis, High-end Labour Room with advanced NICU, State-of-the-art HD Laparoscopy Hysteroscopy Unit, Thermal Endometrial Ablation for Gynec Procedures, Full-fledged 85 Bed ICU, ECMO, 2 Philips Clarity Cathlabs, IVUS, OCT, EP Lab with 3D Carto, FFR, Rotablation, Maquet Advanced Heart Lung Machine and Cardiac Output Monitoring Systems. This apart, the facility is also equipped with an advanced central air-conditioning system emitting 85% fresh air.

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