Tips To Raise Cavity-Free Kids

     Every mom knows how cute the baby looks with its first tooth. And everyone thinks that a baby’s dental care starts only after its teeth appear. But this is not right; a baby’s oral care starts right from infancy. Yes, dental care started at the earliest can improve the health of a baby’s teeth that are going to sprout.

    Tooth decay is the most common problem seen in most of the children due to lack of dental hygiene. It leads to cavities when left untreated, but the good news is that it is almost preventable. The right dental care of children can make their beautiful smile last for a lifetime. Help your kids have a healthy smile with these dental care tips.

    Start The Dental Visits By Age One

    Take your baby to its first dental check-up at about 12 months of age or when it starts teething. This is not just to check for the problems with developing baby’s teeth but to get your baby used to visit the dentist regularly. Instead of taking your baby to a dentist, take it to a pedodontist (Pediatric dentist). Pediatric dentists are specially trained to take care for young children and their offices are specially designed for kids. Choose a pediatric dental home for your baby before it turns one, to establish a consistent oral care routine. This is the best way to prevent tooth decay.

    Establish A Cleaning Routine, Early:

    We start brushing when the baby gets its first teeth, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t clean their mouth just because they haven’t got the teeth. Baby’s gums should be cleaned with a damp cloth gently to remove residual food. This can actually improve the health of baby’s teeth that will erupt.

    Teach Not To Share Spoons

    Even before teeth emerge, the bacteria which are responsible for cavities can get settled on the baby’s tongue when you use same utensils or when you clean their pacifier with your mouth. The bacteria on your teeth and gums will be transferred to your baby’s mouth and can trigger tooth decay. Always wipe your baby’s gums with a soft damp cloth after every feeding; this helps to remove bacteria. Also, avoid any use of spoons/ pacifiers that may have been in contact with someone else’s saliva.

    Make Tooth Brushing A Fun Activity

    The great way to make your kids stick to their dental routine is to make it fun. Purchase a soft-bristled toothbrush with your kid’s favourite cartoon characters. Kids need not use the strongly flavoured mint toothpaste like adults, so get the toothpaste with the flavours of bubblegum or fruit which encourage kids to brush their teeth. And most importantly, make sure to get toothpaste which contains fluoride.

    Brush & Floss Together

    Brushing your teeth along with your kids teaches them how to do it in a proper way. This way, you can even monitor their progress and it also allows you to correct them if they are wrong. If your kids like to do everything on their own, allow them to brush their teeth first and then ask them for your turn. Make sure to brush twice and floss once a day. If kids are capable of brushing their teeth in the right way, the least supervision is needed even at older ages.

    Schedule Dental Checkups

    Get your kid’s routine dental checkups scheduled for every six months. This is the best way to detect the flaws if any at a very beginning time and to get treated before they start to develop. Routine dental checkups prevent tooth decay and improve overall oral health. This way, you can even make kids know how important the dental hygiene is.

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