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Surprising Signs that you need a Cardiac Consultation

Surprising signs that you need a cardiac consultation

    A healthy heart is a key to lead a healthy life. The heart is the hardest working muscle in our body. It works tirelessly to maintain the blood circulation throughout the body. So it needs extra care and attention. People will never have a thought to consult a cardiologist unless they have a trouble with their heart.

    A cardiologist is often consulted if people experience chest pain or chest tightness and symptoms that directly points out the heart. But does it mean your heart is healthy if you don’t have pain in your chest or heart?  Does heart stroke is the only way which conveys your heart is in trouble? No, there are few other common signs seen when our heart is encountering a trouble. And these signs want you to visit a cardiologist for sure. Here is a list of symptoms which seek a cardiac consultation:

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    Symptoms that might indicate a Heart Disease:

    • Chest pain: Though severe chest pain is never ignored and considered the first symptom of heart disease, there is a long list of diseases that may cause chest pain. People, at sometimes, ignore even if they experience discomfort in the chest. This need to be avoided and should consult a cardiologist as soon as possible instead of determining the cause by oneself.
    • Fainting: Often fainting is seen as a symptom of extreme fatigue or low glucose levels or low blood pressure and much more. But, next to chest pain, fainting is one of the warning signs that can prompt a cardiologist visit. An unexpected fainting can be a sign of heart disease that was not detected previously.
    • Shortness of breath: Another symptom which needs an attention is shortness of breath. It is common to experience shortness of breath during heavy exercises or any activity for a long time. But if this occurs independently of activity or exercise, then it indicates some serious condition. If you experience shortness of breath with minimal work or simply while lying flat, a heart examination can really help in ruling out the risk of heart.
    • Palpitations: Palpitations or rapid heartbeats are often felt when the heart is encountering a trouble. Symptoms of palpitations including skipping beats, beating too fast, fluttering, or pumping harder than usual needs a cardiac consultation for sure.
    • Swelling: Swelling in the lower extremities is another warning sign that indicates a reduced heart functioning. Swelling in the legs and ankles due to fluid accumulation in the body can be a sign of worsening heart failure. So, consult a cardiologist if you notice swelling in your lower body very often.

    Gum Disease:

    It seems gum disease doesn’t have any link to heart disease. But, gum disease or inflammation of gums can occur when the whole body is inflamed. People who exhibit swollen and sore gums often have some heart disease.


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