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Boost Your Immunity During Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, every woman dreams to give a new life and nurture it, at least once in her lifetime. Though pregnancy is beautiful, it is not just an easy job. Building and maintaining a healthy immune system before, during and after pregnancy is very important for both woman and her baby. 

    A woman’s body undergoes a drastic change during her pregnancy, to accommodate a new life and nurture it. And these changes can affect her health. Pregnant women are at higher risk to get sick easily because of their weaker immune system. The reason behind this is; during pregnancy the woman’s immune system is suppressed so that her partner’s sperm, embryo or fetus isn’t rejected as a threat. As a result, the white blood cells which are the cells of the immune system; lose their capability to fight against the body’s enemies such as infectious disease and foreign invaders. 

    As the immune system is suppressed during pregnancy, women are more susceptible to illness. This can affect you and your growing fetus as well. So, now you have got an idea why you need to maintain a healthy immune system during pregnancy; follow these tips to boost your immune system.

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     It is always good to exercise regularly for overall health. If you have a habit to exercise, continue it even during pregnancy with a reduced intensity. It not only boosts your immunity but helps your body to prepare for childbirth.  Try a prenatal yoga class or other light weight workouts, but make sure whatever exercise program is done under the guidance of your doctor.


    Preventing stress and keeping a positive attitude helps to maintain a healthy immune system. One’s emotional attitude has an impact on their immune system. So, it is important to find ways to keep stress at bay. Some of the stress busters are meditation, yoga, music, a good book and laughter. It sounds silly hearing that laughter is one among the stress busters, but laughter can really put sickness at bay. 

    Hand Wash:

     Hand washing! A golden rule to avoid most of the health issues. Though everyone knows this, only few people have a habit of hand washing. It is the most important thing one should opt for being hygienic. And during pregnancy, it is even more crucial as it may affect the growing fetus along with mom. So, wash your hands frequently; which help to limit the transfer of bacteria, viruses and other microbes. If you can’t make it to a sink, use natural hand sanitizer as these will be chemical triclosan free.

    Proper Sleep:

    Sleep is one of the important determinants of a healthy immune system. Improper sleep patterns and disturbed sleep has been associated with altered immune function and makes the body more susceptible to illness. So, make sure to catch at least 8 hours of undisturbed sleep every day. In case you are facing any difficulty in getting adequate sleep, consult your doctor to bring your sleep cycle back on track. 

    Prenatal Vitamins:

    Taking prenatal vitamins during your pregnancy is an excellent practice to ensure that you meet your daily nutrition requirement which may fall short with your diet. It is really important to take prenatal vitamins on your doctor’s recommendation. Prenatal vitamins can supplement your deficient diet with essential nutrients and helps you to get healthy and for your baby’s development as well.

    Stay Hydrated:

    Drinking plenty of pure filtered water helps to flush out any harmful toxins from the body. Poor hydration can weaken the immune system. Make sure you drink enough water and prevent dehydration. A pregnant woman needs approximately 2.3 litres of fluid per day.