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Angioplasties can improve blood flow to the heart by reopening plaque-clogged arteries. It can alleviate chest pain and other symptoms of a heart disease, provide emergency treatment during a heart attack, and lower the severity of a heart attack.

During this procedure, a balloon is used to open a blockage in a coronary artery that has been narrowed by atherosclerosis. If left untreated, these blockages can lead to heart disease or a heart attack.

“Angioplasty is a safe way to reinvigorate the heart.”


Signs That Indicate You May Need an Angioplasty

  • Chest pain: If the blockage causes pain in the chest, an angioplasty may be needed. This procedure can clear blocked arteries and relieve chest pain.
  • Arm or leg pain: Muscle cramping and pain caused by clogged peripheral arteries, which transport blood to other areas than the heart.
  • Swelling in the lower extremities: Swelling in the legs, skin changes, and slow-healing skin wounds, may be due to the blockage in the arteries that bring blood to the legs. It indicates that you need an angioplasty.
  • Symptoms of a stroke: Dizziness, sudden weakness or numbness, difficulty walking, and other symptoms of a stroke can occur from blockages in the carotid arteries, which may require an angioplasty.

When the symptoms are severe and do not respond to conservative therapy, angioplasty may be the best treatment option for easing the symptoms and reducing the chances of further atherosclerotic complications.

Who should not have an angioplasty?

Patients with kidney disorders or impaired kidney function may not be suitable candidates for angioplasty. Doctors inject a contrast dye into the bloodstream during angioplasty to detect where the blockages are and to guide the treatment. People with kidney problems are at a higher risk of kidney-related complications from angioplasty as the kidneys must filter the dye out of the body.

How is life after Coronary (Heart) Angioplasty?

The first few days after the procedure

In the first few days, a patient may feel more tired than usual. Drinking plenty of fluids is also usually advised to flush away any residual contrast dye used during the treatment to visualize the arteries.

A week to a month after the procedure

After one week, the patient may be allowed to continue more moderate activities, such as office work, but should avoid any activity that may induce chest pain or shortness of breath.

A month after the surgery, people can resume their normal routine and begin physical activity such as rigorous workouts and lifting heavy objects with the doctor's approval.

Lifestyle changes for recovery and recuperation: The Do's and Don'ts

Follow the stated dos and don’ts for the complete recovery after an angioplasty procedure. These tips would help you lower the risk of heart-related complications.

Medicines on time. Smoke
Have a proper sleepTake stress
Stay physically activeDrive any vehicle for first few days
Have cardiac rehabilitation program Have diet high in saturated fat
Maintain a healthy weight Heavy lifting and strenuous activities
Exercise regularlyConsume caffeinated products
Control other conditions, such as diabetes
and high blood pressure
Have alcoholic beverages
Lower your cholesterol levels Consume more salt

All it takes are a few easy lifestyle changes to ensure a steady heart and a healthy life ahead.

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