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Are You Aware Of The Kidney Diseases In Children?

     It is wondering to know that a child may be born with a kidney condition or acquire one through disease or infection. In children a Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) can be caused due to some birth defects, hereditary diseases, infections. And as we hear all the time, early detection can prevent severe damage; if chronic kidney disease is detected early and managed appropriately, the declining kidney functioning can be slowed or even stopped. Hence, the risks which are associated with the kidney diseases can be reduced.

    Kidney diseases that are noticed in adulthood may occur more often in persons with risk factors that can be detected in childhood. So, it is crucial to educate children to opt a healthy lifestyle to prevent diseases.

    Signs Which May Indicate Kidney Diseases:

    In general, kidney diseases often goes undetected as many of them are unaware of the signs and symptoms that indicate abnormal functioning of kidneys. In addition to this, children may not be aware of some of the changes that are impacting their body and will not always let their parents know of potential issues. Therefore, parents should be aware of the symptoms of kidney diseases and ask children to let them know if they notice any of the symptoms mentioned below:

    For More Information

    • → Swelling of the hands and feet or puffiness around the eyes
    • → Lack of or decrease in appetite
    • → Significant decrease or increase in the frequency of urination
    • → Burning or pain during urination
    • → Blood in urine
    • → Poor growth when compared to kids of similar age group
    • → Recurrence of night-time bedwetting seen in children who can normally use the toilet without any assistance.
    • → Experiencing symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite very often.

    Preventive Tips for Kidney Diseases:

    Some of the golden rules which can prevent kidney diseases are as follows:

    • → Drink plenty of water to maintain adequate fluid intake
    • → Reduce the salt intake
    • → Exercise daily to be fit and active
    • → Maintain a healthy diet
    • → Maintain a healthy weight and keep control of blood sugar
    • → As most of the kidney diseases are hereditary and due to genetic defects, regular antenatal checkups can help parents to evaluate and reduce such diseases.

    Today, on “World Kidney Day” let us all resolve to make healthy choices for ourselves and to educate our children to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the prevention of kidney diseases.