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An 80-Year Old Man Successfully Treated For Revision Total  Hip Replacement

Sources of hip pain

    Babu Rao,  an 80 yr old man was suffering from severe pain in the Hip joint for the last five years. Seven years ago, he fell and broke his hip and had gone through partial Hip Replacement in a Private Hospital.

    Post-surgery the patient’s condition got worse, and he suffered from severe pain in the hip and was facing difficulty with doing everyday activities such as walking, climbing stairs.

    Six Month ago, he came to Medicover Hospitals(Formerly Maxcure Hospitals) and consulted Dr. Krishna Kiran, a specialist in Primary and Revision Hip and Knee Replacement. On evaluation, it was found that the implant had failed and loosened resulting in severe pain.  He was then suggested going for a Revision Total Hip Replacement.

    Revision or ‘re-do’ total hip replacement procedure is done to remove some or all of the parts of the old implant that had failed over time and reinsert a newer implant. This procedure is called revision total hip replacement.

    The decision to revise a component is based on clinical assessment of the patient, radiographic investigations and certain blood investigations. What type of revision surgery to be done is dependent on an individual case basis. Revision surgery procedures are complicated operations and the domain of well-experienced surgeon.

    It requires careful planning after doing a thorough study of the individual case and proper execution. The revision surgery performed by an experienced surgeon can almost match that of the primary implant. The average survivorship of these implants is about 10-15 years but sometimes reaching up to 20 or 25 years in well-performed surgeries with good implants.

    The surgery was performed successfully, and the recovery was quick. Post one week of surgery, the patient got relief from pain and could walk independently, and can enjoy all of his former activities, free of pain.

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