Advanced Executive Health Checkup

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Medicover Advanced Executive Health Checkup offers 23 INVESTIGATIONS at Medicover Wellness Lounge that includes blood pressure, ECG for heart, thyroid, serum creatinine, liver function test, fasting blood sugar, post lunch blood sugar, X-ray for chest, pap smear and mammography for female above age 37, Vitamin D Test and Vitamin B12 Test. This package is ideal for adults who has the risk of chronic diseases from family history or for adults who want to avoid its symptoms. How ever this executive health checkup has tests for women to check for cancer symptoms. You can also prefer Master Health Checkup based on your requirement.

Available at HITEC City, Hyderabad




  1. CBP (Complete Blood Picture)
  2. CUE (Complete Urine Examination)
  3. FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar)
  4. PLBS (Post Lunch Blood Sugar)
  5. 2D Echo with Doppler
  6. Blood Grouping & Rh Typing
  7. Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)
  8. Serum Creatinine
  9. ECG
  10. ESR
  11. HBA1C
  12. HBsAgQ2
  13. LFT
  14. Lipid Profile
  15. Pap Smear - for Females
  16. TMT ( Above 37 years)
  17. TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone)
  19. X-Ray Chest PA
  20. Mammography - Females (Above 37 Years)
  21. Vitamin D
  22. Vitamin B12
  23. PSA - for Males
  1. Physician Consultation
  2. Cardiologist Consultation
  3. Dietitian Consultation
  4. Gynecologist Consultation (For Females)


  • Maintain a minimum 12-hour fasting period before undergoing any check up.
  • Avoid having tea/coffee before the tests. You may sip some water.
  • Do not apply cream, oil, powder etc. on your chest on the day of the checkup.
  • Inform the team of your medical history, pregnancy / suspected pregnancy ( if any), prior to the health checkup.
  • Please carry all your past medical records, if any.
  • * Terms and conditions apply.
  • * Note: X-ray films will not be provided under this package.


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