Admission Procedures

►  Request from patients is received with a brief history and current medical problem and treatment.

►  Medicover – Medical experts will work on it and provide relevant treatment information to the patient.

► Counseling of the patient done by a Medicover expert for the appropriate treatment/package.

►  Appointment Scheduling with the concerned doctor/ physician.

►  Confirmation of date and time of arrival by the patient

►  The Medicover team will organize Accommodation/Hotel Booking

►  The airport picks up the facility by Medicover International Executive/ team and will be provided with the required assistance.

►  Admission of a patient with planned treatment at Medicover.

►  The patient is being discharged after the proper treatment

►  At the time of discharge, the patient is advised by the doctor for follow up assistance for future appointment scheduling after discharge.

►  Airport drop facility

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