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5 Tips for Strong Bones and Joints

    Ensure bone health through right diet, physical activity and other lifestyle factors

    Human bones and joints constitute the skeletal system. Bones and joints provide support, movement, protection, blood cell system, calcium storage and endocrine regulation to the human body. Health of the bones and joints is ensured greatly by healthy lifestyle choices.

    However, hereditary factors and poor lifestyle habits may bring a host of bone diseases and disorders. Some of the bone and joint disorders may be age & gender-related. However, by adhering to some proven tips, you can ensure healthy bones and joints.

    5 Tips to Orthopedic Health

    • Exercise regularly
    • Avoid high-impact exercises
    • Take brisk walk
    • Stretch leg, back and arm muscles
    • Do a cool-down exercise
    • Take Calcium rich foods as milk products
    • Take Vitamin D rich foods as fatty fish, egg yolk and dairy products
    • Choose loose fitting and comfortable clothes
    • Prefer footwear for comfort and support
    • Practice good posture
    • Ensure to distribute weight evenly
    • Straighten-out your spine
    • Avoid lifting heavy objects
    • Use supporting pillows while sleeping
    • Prefer mattress for natural curvature of spine
    • Apply ice on painful and swollen areas
    • Wrap to compress affected area
    • Elevate affected area to increase blood flow

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