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5 Heart Health Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

    1. Chest Pain

    Pain or pressure in the chest—especially with exertion—could be a sign of coronary disease or even a heart attack.

    2. Leg Pains

    Pains that start in your legs with walking or other exertion could be a sign of peripheral artery disease (PAD), which often goes hand-in-hand with coronary artery disease.

    3. Getting Winded Easily

    If you suddenly get winded during normal activity, it could be a sign of heart failure, significant coronary disease or valve disease

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    4. Syncope

    Passing out or getting lightheaded could be a sign of rhythm disturbances, low blood pressure, a narrowing heart valve, or other cardiovascular problems.

    5. Heart Palpitations

    If your heart starts racing for no reason, get checked out. It could be a sign of an abnormal heartbeat, which can be a symptom of heart disease or arrhythmia.

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