120/80 is a Normal Blood Pressure or Not?

    The numbers of heart attacks are increasing day by day and thus the concern about heart disease as well. We all have some of our closest relatives, parents or friends who are taking pills to keep the blood pressure under control.There are many things which are linked to each other when it comes to the health of your heart.The level of cholesterol, blood pressure and the food that you eat are one of the important aspects linked with heart diseases.

    The high blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack and thus we are all conscious of our blood pressure. A lot of us has a habit to check our blood pressure regularly which indeed is the best way to ensure the healthy heart.However, the information which we have about blood pressure is that 120/80 is the normal blood pressure. We have seen many people getting panic when the blood pressure comes little higher that this given level.

    An Association has added some new guidelines about the normal level of blood pressure. The new guidelines provide that normal blood pressure is 140/90. The limit is set lower for elderly and diabetics people.So, according to the new guidelines you don’t have to be worried when your blood pressure increases to 139/89. You can continue to take your medicine to keep the blood pressure under control.

    Sometimes it happens that our fear adds up more to increase the risk of heart attack. Don’t be afraid of little change in the level of blood pressure because it will be all right.Have a regular check up and consult your doctor to know about these changes in the guidelines. Your doctor will also be able to explain you in detail the level of blood pressure you should and should not be worried off.Keep the fear away, enjoy each moment of your life and try to remain happy. This will help you to keep your heart healthy.

    Source: letsgohealthy.net

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