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11-year-old Young Boy With Kyphotic Deformity Treated

    Kyphotic deformities are serious conditions which affect children and they have serious repercussions on the health of the child

    Most of these deformities start in early childhood due to some congenital malformations of the spine or due to tuberculosis infection of the spinal column which is rampant in our country.

    Due to severe bending of the spine, these children suffer not only from the social stigma of the deformity but also from the medical side effects like problems in breathing and weakness or paralysis in the legs.

    Case study:

    11 years of child hailing from Anantapur district presented to us with a big hump in the back and progression of the deformity in the back since childhood.

    This child was on the brink of developing paralysis in the legs. He was diagnosed to be having a thoracic kyphotic deformity and it was threatening to create havoc in the child’s life.

    Dr. Surya Prakash Rao V, Senior consultant Spine surgeon at Medicover hospitals has successfully performed surgical correction of the Spine deformity and the child is now cured. Surgery involves a very difficult and a complicated technique called “ vertebral column resection” which is done only in a very few specialized centers in the country. This procedure involves resection and reshaping of the bones of the spinal column so that the deformity is effectively corrected and normal alignment is restored. Though it is a time taking and a risky procedure it is safe only in only experienced hands. Spinal instrumentation helps in immediate stabilization of the spine and avoids patients form taking prolonged bed rest following the surgery. One of the biggest challenges during surgery is to prevent the development of any neurological impairment in the patient. By monitoring the spinal cord for neurological issues during this complex procedure a safe outcome is obtained.

    It is now around two months since the surgery and the child is now normal, playing with his friends and attending the school.

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    Consult Dr. Surya Prakash Rao to get the best treatment opinion.

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