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10 Fun Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy

    Do You know how to keep your brain healthy and are you looking for tips to improve memory

    Here Goes the 10 fun activities to keep our brain Healthy and enjoy life with family and friends.

    1. Count the numbers

    Instead of using a hand-held calculator or an online calculator to balance, calculate items, follow the traditional way. Using math skills should be part of your weekly work, and this does not take much time. Do you know anybody who is learning math? Take a moment to teach them that multiplication is also a way to benefit both of you.

    2. Memorization

    Do you like a book, a poem or a proverb? Set the goal to remember two verses or two proverbs a week. Selecting some interesting things will help you to remember them.

    healthy brain

    For example, some people choose to memorize some verses. They argue that, in addition to brain training, these verses can also inspire them throughout the day.

    3. Learn a new language

    Research has shown that people who speak Multiple languages will be more active and Healthy Brain. Although, scientists still do not understand how the phenomenon appears and why?
    Although some of the tests of research work on subjects who speak a different language in most or all of their lives, it will never be too late to learn a new language. You can participate in communication classes, regional libraries, or online resources for beginners of foreign languages.

    4. Play an instrument

    Do you play a musical instrument or want to learn to play it? Over the years, research has demonstrated that music involves more than one area of the brain than speaking or writing.
    For example, for people who have had a stroke and have difficulty speaking, they can still sing some songs perfectly.

    5. Play Games

    Play some strategy games. You can play with others or play online. Some fun, exciting games such as Scrabble, Card Games, Flags, Over Bridge and more complicated games like Agricola and Cities and Knights. Multiplayer games can be more effective in challenging your brain.

    6. Reading

    Books are everywhere. Nowadays, it is also very easy to find books online, you can completely enjoy learning the books right at home. If you love to read, try reading some other genres than your regular books.
    For example, if you like romance novels, try reading more books on gardening or how to create terms in financial planning. You may also consider joining the book club if you need motivation and inspiration to continue your reading.

    7. Solve puzzles

    Crosswords, Sudoku are the ways to help your brain flexibly. Think about these games when everyday activities interfere with your brain.

    8. Travel

    If a picture is meant as thousands of words, traveling, watching something for some people is invaluable. New experiences, strange situations can be a good exercise for your spirit.
    Note: Be sure to have physical and mental health before embarking on the adventure.

    9. Learn about social issues

    Spend time with others to discuss the latest political news, sports or family events and laugh with each other. You can imagine the brain is like muscles, the brain needs to be used in many different ways. Laughter has a beneficial effect on our mind, body and heart.

    10. Join volunteerism

    Volunteering can be a good way to integrate some of the strategies outlined above.
    For example, you can teach students in secondary school weekly. This can include: social work, reading, math skills and maybe even playing games or for a new language. Or you can use your skills at your local mass-organization. Volunteering is a way to share the gift you have received, and is also a great activity for you.


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